Less of the same

In an industry that tends to standardization, offering more of the same, ideas ​and work ​that touch people's lives are few and far in between. ​We aim to give you less of the same​ in everything that we do​. ​We see ourselves at the point where technology and humanity intersect. Our goal is to ​create work ​that is fresh and innovative yet well thought out and ​behaviour changing. It is fast​,​ to the point, and of the highest order ​when it comes to meeting consumer's needs and surpassing the client's business goals.

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Our History

It's been half a decade since we have been around, and during this time we were able to establish our standing as a serious digital company.
Going forward, we would like to be India's best creative digital communications company.

  • 2009

    VoB is born. A few brands we picked up are reborn.

    On a dull, grey and cold day in November 2009 VoB came into this world. VoB did not come into being as a result of a great vision or ambition of its founders. Nor was its inception a result of an effort to change the way things were being done. Our founders, Mohan Kathayat & Rajat Basra, two brothers from different mothers were changing their jobs when a friend at a news channel asked for feedback on a design work done by someone else. Instead of going back to the agency to incorporate the feedback, their friend gave the whole assignment to them to redo from scratch. Why? Because, to put in the sweet words of their friend “No one else had ever looked at the project as they did and it seemed scary and crazy but exciting.”

    It wasn’t our first client. It was a favour to a friend.
    But the idea of doing crazy & scary thing stuck and the first 3 teammates were hired – Manish, Roshan, Gulab.
    VoB picks up its first real client that pays but has no brand ( or brand name yet) – Exilient – Say you love quality- and transforms it from a commodity sold in brown boxes into India’s first brand in the laptop spares parts category. The brand becomes the category leader in no time and starts shipping across the country with 11 regional offices.
    VOB picks up its second client – Delta. With an image overhaul the brand – Delta- The Future is Now, Delta is VoB as a brand.
    A farmer in Punjab comes with a dream. Goes back with a premium Brand of Aloe juice. Eola – Squeeze more out of life.

    A distributor of multiple-pin mobile phone chargers from Karol Bagh walks in. A late night brainstorming session over a bottle of whisky lays the foundation for a brand with the byline “ Ek akele, sabko pele”. The morning after, the hangover is gone. But the line stays and so does the client.

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  • 2010

    We find our true calling. We become a creative digital communications company.

    We pick our first digital account – IBEF ( India Brand Equity Foundation) after a multi-agency pitch over a 6 month period. It was VoB versus Goliath.
    DDB (Indonesia) comes to our shores looking for an offshore digital partner. They chose us over companies 10 times our size and with a global footprint. It becomes our first of the many sojourns beyond the shores of India.

    We work on Jakarta Globe, Interface, Coca Cola, Telekomsel. We do some of our most memorable work. Notably for Jakarta Globe with MyJakartaGlobe. Myjakartaglobe is an innovative intra-company networking platform that would later become the norm for the likes of Canon, HP and other large corporations across the world.
    We do another scary & crazy thing for Brij. A merchandiser tucked away in a dusty, rusty Azadpur Industrial Area. Totally disruptive. We took a greater part of the traditional business to digital. Some folks at the company lost out to Digital. But the client found a new ally in Digital.
    We grow from a 5 people to a 40 people team. We are set for greater crazy & scary things.

  • 2011

    Belgium beckons us. New partnerships emerge.

    We become creative and digital partners to Aquaedis, a marketing communication firm from Brussels.
    We work on new-age start up businesses. A very exciting time begins.
    Ideas that will change the way the we see things.
    We work on all sorts of clients – start-ups, government, royal families

  • 2012

    Enter the Dragon. Shanghai is our next stop.

    We pick up C.Vox clothing from Shanghai. Not just any ordinary clothing. Wearable technology. Clothes playing your music and answering your calls. Waterproof. Competition proof. Future proof.
    We take the brand to Europe, USA and India. We help with marketing and communications support to bring alliances with SportsDirect, UK and Footlocker, USA.
    We launch the brand in India.
    We develop social and retail customer engagement programs across UK & India

  • 2013-2014

    Expansion begins

    We pick up the DIMTS ( Delhi Integrated Modal Transit System) business
    This win is followed by picking up Vivo mobile digital account after a multi-agency pitch
    We become the Communication Agency for Intel, Western Digital, Ricoh

Our Clients

Clients we are grateful to for giving us a chance to create and share their stories